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My Inspiration

My images are inspired by light as it illuminates our days, by the light of the spirit that sparks creativity, by fading light that signals the beginning of night. My muse is the width and length and breadth of the natural world that feeds the soul and bids us to embrace that which is eternal. Symmetry, repetition, shapes, shadows, movement of water all speak to me. I am compelled to listen. Remoteness pulls me in, but often, I am in the midst of a cacophony of noise and I change my perspective to find the silence of a beautiful picture. I appreciate the splendor of wide, sweeping landscapes, while I’m also drawn to the delicateness and finesse of a macro image. When I discover a singular, isolated gem in the midst of a busy and otherwise uninteresting view, it’s better than opening a present. Nature challenges me and I try to respond; I search to find her treasure. The mountains are my spiritual home, but I live surrounded by water and so the natural world continues to surprise me and stretch my view of where I belong.